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The LYRA Foundation: So that the sky is full of violins for young people.
The individual banker, Dr. Hans Vontobel, founded the LYRA Foundation in 1995. The aim of the Foundation is to promote young, highly talented musicians, to support their music careers and to make it possible for them to perform publicly.

In addidion to material help, the Foundtion also advises and supports these young people in continuing to develop their musical talent.

Every year the LYRA Foundation provides scholarship and grants to young, highly gifted musicians from all over the world – from 22 countries at present. The young talents excel at a wide variety of insturments including piano, violin, cello and also bassoon, guitar, trumpet, oboe, percussion, harp, accordion and others. The beneficiaries also include young singers.

„Switzerland is a door to the world. In this context, the LYRA Foundation would like to give young people the opportunity to further develop their talent with us. Is there anything lovelier than the joy and thrill of these hopeful young musicians?“, Dr. Vontobel, President of the Foundation Board, explains his commitment.

The ASTONA International Music Academy and cooperation with the Young Munich Philharmonic among other projects comprise the main focus of the Foundation work.

The tree-week ASTONA International Music Academy, managed by Nancy Chumachenco takes place in the summer in Switzerland. After passing a strict selection procedure, about 60 young string players and pianists between the ages of 11 and 22 are invited to take part respectively. They then receive further training in solo performance, chamber music and playing in an orchestra in Switzerland by recognised music teachers.

A highly successful cooperation with the Young Munich Philharmonic was initiated five years ago with the „Mozart+“ series. Works by W. A. Mozart are contrasted with works by contemporary composers in this concert series. Selected beneficiaries of the Foundation are given the opportunity to present themselves as soloists accompanied by an orchestra.

Dr.Eleonore Mathier, member of the LYRA Foundation Board, will be happy to provide further information under