English – marche-lirica


Enrico Facini, Italian tenor and Professor of Singing at the Berlin University of the Arts set up his own Master Class in the Italien Marche region in 2009. Taking place in Treia in April 2009, the first event in the series was a great success. In April 2010 was the Master Class in Corridonia.

In 2021, the event will be held in Sion, Switzerland at 09.08.2021 – 14.08.2021 at Tibor Varga Music Academy.

The International Master Class is aimed at both students and young artists already under contract. Class is given in German/English/Italian and French.

Students and young working singers from all over the world may apply.

Additional date:
Brescia (Italien) Talent Summer Opera Festival
13.09.2021 – 18. 09.2021